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Patent family 3: G. Larisch, Tian Sicong and D. Bimberg: "Multi-Aperture VCSEL and holes with metal as thermal sink", EP 20 192 355.4 + US 17/170,834 + Chinese application submitted

enabling large power single-mode VCSEL with very low electrical resistance

 Patent 3.pdf

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High Brightness Edge Emitting Lasers:

1.1.2021, 00:00

Patent 5: V. Kalosha and D. Bimberg: "Device comprising a high brightness broad-area edge-emitting semiconductor laser and method of making them", US 9,705,285 and EP 15 152 286.9

HIBBEE Laser, suppression of higher order modes leading to record high brilliance fundamental mode, based on modified vertical photonic band gap epi structure   mehr

1.1.2021, 00:00

Patent 6: V. Kalosha, K. Posilovic and D. Bimberg: "Device comprising a Laser", US 8,396,091 and EP 12 702 454.5

Corrugated lateral waveguide structure leading to suppression of higher order modes and increased output power of fundamental mode and minumum astimatism in the micron range    mehr

Mode locked lasers

01.01.2021, 00:00

Patent 7: D. Arsenijevic, M. Kleinert, D. Bimberg: "Optoelectronic Oscillator", US 9,780,525 + EP 14 742 458.4 + GER 102 013 211 633.0

suppression of timing jitter in mode-locked multi-GHz lasers to the fs-range by simple passive back-coupling of small proportion of light   mehr