“Quantum technologies will enable more energy efficient photonic systems for a sustainable society”


April 21 st, Dieter Bimberg, Plenary Speaker, Porto, Portugal, Laser Optics and Photonics World Forum, “Novel VCSEL Designs for next generation of photonics systems”


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Press release of the “Bimberg Chinese-German Center for Green Photonics” and SHF Communication Technologies AG, Berlin

SHF Communication Technologies AG is a prime developer and manufacturer of components and measurement equipment for high speed optical communication since 1983. In 1998 SHF was the first vendor of 40 Gbps Bert systems, followed in 2005 by 56 Gbps and in 2017 by 120 Gbps systems.
The high frequency and BER test lab for high frequency photonic devices of TU Berlin under the leadership of Professor Dieter Bimberg was the first at a German university to acquire the 56 Gbps BERT system and was using it successfully until the retirement of Prof. Bimberg from TU Berlin end of 2015. During the last years it appeared more and more frequently, that measurement equipment limit the data observed for advanced devices, in particular for VCSELs at 850nm – 980 nm for ultra-high capacity data centers. The presently existing lasers might support higher bit rates than the measurements display.
In 2018 Prof. Bimberg accepted the offer from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to become the executive director of the newly established “Bimberg Chinese-German Center for Green Photonics” BICHGE, at CIOMP in Changchun, focusing on photonic devices of large energy efficiency, supporting at the same time larger than ever bit rates. Following an international bid process SHF Communication Technologies AG represented by their Chinese distributor LUSTER LightTech Co., Ltd. was winning the bid for supplying the new Center in Changchun with its most advanced 120 Gbps equipment amongst other. The equipment was delivered on August 12th to CIOMP following a strict delivery schedule. Presently the staff under the guidance of Prof. Gunter Larisch, operating the high speed lab of “BICHGE” in the future, is undergoing training in Berlin at the headquarters of SHF and in Changchun. BICHGE is the first and presently only academic institution in China in possession of such high end equipment and is going to train master and Ph.D. students as operators. BICHGE is also the most advanced academic institution in China developing such high speed and at the same time energy efficient photonic devices. BICHGE will be open access to Chinese and other Asian companies and academic institutions against nominal fees.
The following pictures show Prof. Bimberg together with Dr. Hieronymi, the CEO of SHF and Prof. Larisch from BICHGE upon taking over the equipment in Berlin. Both, Dr. Hieronymi and Prof. Larisch, acquired their PhD under the guidance of Prof. Bimberg at TU erlin.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Dieter Bimberg
Member of the German, Russian and US academies of Sciences
Bimberg Chinese-German Center for Green Photonics of the CAS at CIOMP, Changchun

Dr. Frank Hieronymi
SHF Communication Technologies Berlin

 SHF-BICHGE press statement.pdf

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