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01.01.2021, 00:00

Patent 1: G. Larisch, J. Lott and D. Bimberg: "Photon lifetime tuning", US 9,9791,58 + PCT/EP 2018/050238

Tuning the photon lifetime in a VCSEL by evaporating ultra thin layers of dielectrics on the top mirror enables to maximize the output power and/or minimize the energy to data rate EDR as a function of the...   mehr

01.01.2021, 00:00

Patent 2: G. Larisch and D. Bimberg: "Flip Chip Bonding of VCSELs", EP 19 174 870.6 + PCT/EP 2020/063500 + WO 2020/229614 A1

Substrate removal and flip chip integration of GaAs based VCSEL and Si based devices   mehr

01.01.2021, 00:00

Patent 3: G. Larisch, Tian Sicong and D. Bimberg: "Multi-Aperture VCSEL", EP 20 192 355.4 + Chinese application submitted

enabling large power single-mode VCSEL with very low electrical resistance   mehr

01.01.2021, 00:00

Patent 4: G. Larisch, Tian Sicong and D. Bimberg: "Multi-Section VCSEL", EP 20 210 737.1 + Chinese application submitted

enabling VCSELs with switchable properties and/or polarization multiplexing both in a single mesa device   mehr

High Brightness Edge Emitting Lasers:

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Patent 5: V. Kalosha and D. Bimberg: "Device comprising a high brightness broad-area edge-emitting semiconductor laser and method of making them", US 9,705,285 and EP 15 152 286.9

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Mode locked lasers


01.01.2021, 00:00

Patent 7: D. Arsenijevic, M. Kleinert, D. Bimberg: "Optoelectronic Oscillator", US 9,780,525 + EP 14 742 458.4 + GER 102 013 211 633.0